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Voting Locally and in Texas

TEXAS VOTERS ID LAW- How to make sure you have the proper ID at the polls!

The Texas Voter ID law is currently active for upcoming elections. Below are three links to printable PDF documents that will help voters navigate the new regulations.

The first document CLICK HERE outlines the types of photo IDs that are acceptable when voting in person. (Please note: Those 65 and older can vote by mail and photo ID is not required to vote by mail.)

The second document outlines Identity Document Requirements for Photo Voter ID CLICK HERE. In other words, under each column are the types of proof of identity a person would need to obtain the particular ID they desire.

The third document lists Photo IDs That Can Be Accepted At The Polls CLICK HERE and websites providing information on how to obtain these IDs.

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you need to change your address, your name?

In Texas:

If you are not already registered to vote at your current address, the deadline to register to vote is 30 days in advance of an election. To be eligible to register in Texas, you must:

  • be a U.S. citizen;
  • be a resident of the county;
  • be 18 years old (you may register at 17 years and 10 months);
  • not a convicted felon (unless a person's sentence is completed, including any probation or parole)
  • not declared mentally incapacitated by a court of law

Contact the Lubbock County Office of Elections and Voter Registration to request a registration form or to verify or change your current registration.

Moving? Voter registration in Texas is by County. You must re-register if you move to a different county.

For more information click on FAQ or visit the Texas LWV Voter Site

Lubbock County Office of Elections and Voter Registration

(806) 775-1339
1308 Crickets Ave
Lubbock, TX 79408

Click here for voter information and to download a registration form from the Texas Secretary of State's website.

In Lubbock County voter registration should be mailed to:
Elections Administrator, Dorothy Kennedy
P.O. Box 10536
Lubbock, TX 79408
Click here for Lubbock County website

For registration in other states, click here.